How well do your team based activities work?

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In September Savvygoat in partnership with Belbin attended the Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) conference and we asked some attendees about their perspective.

The purpose was to gather views on team-based activities, particularly their perceptions about
• current outcomes and course management benefits
• current challenges for team-based course and modules
• areas of potential improvement

We concluded the following
1. There was a consensus across all participants that development of employability skills was a benefit from team-based learning but considerable variance on the extent to which it improves student satisfaction scores – perhaps the variance is related to the team conflict issue?

2. Poor collaboration in teams (61%) impacts outcomes and a common factor is the level of conflict within teams (48%)
a. Monitoring quality and progress can be challenging (39%)
b. However it seems that missing deadlines and team organisation in question 2(b) is not a concern for the majority (69%)

3. There was significant agreement that improvement was required in all 4 areas identified (64% to 71%).
a. However with 71% agreeing that team organisation and meetings needs improving – this seems to be a contradiction with the positive experience in question 2(b) that missing deadlines and team organisation was not a concern for 69%.

Team-based activity is an area where Savvygoat can help improve course experiences and enhance outcomes for students, course leaders and academic institutions.

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