‘I wouldn’t try that with my students – they would revolt!’

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‘I wouldn’t try that with my students – they would revolt!’

We were at the Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) conference in September, sharing our experience of piloting Savvygoat – an online platform that supports team-based entrepreneurship projects.

We had introduced the platform to students at Hull University Business School. Initially doubtful, by the end of the project they had clearly both enjoyed and benefited from using it. They liked the way it helped them understand their strengths and organise as a team (we use Belbin Team Roles), structure their project, manage their progress, get feedback and – a particularly popular feature – compete against other teams.

So why this vehement reaction from an active proponent of enterprise education? It certainly wasn’t because they thought Savvygoat lacked potential – on the contrary, many at the conference were keen to explore its possibilities.

However, apart from the difficulty of getting institutional support for a new technology solution, a number of them were doubtful that their students would accept it. Several described a general reluctance to engage with the new or unexpected. Some said that if a tool like Savvygoat wasn’t mentioned in the prospectus, their students would refuse to use it.