Supporting student engagement

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Supporting student engagement

Working with Savvygoat, the students at Hull did engage in team-based entrepreneurship. They also recognised how the platform helped them to overcome the issues inherent in a group of disparate individuals trying to work collaboratively under pressure.

They said that it: helped with focus, discipline and time management; improved group communication, decision making, accountability, and how they handled conflict; made them more proactive in seeking solutions; and generally motivated them to achieve more. They also appreciated the faster and better-quality feedback from their tutors.

As a result, their work improved and there was a noticeable impact on academic results. Their final presentations amply demonstrated their enterprise skills to the panel of local business judges.

These particular students were a little older than the norm, so were perhaps further through their ‘transition’ than the average undergraduate. We are considering whether postgraduate students might be better able to derive value from the experience.

However, our experience suggests that students won’t necessarily revolt when asked to engage with a new challenge, may be more satisfied as a result, and will surely benefit in the longer term.