Savvygoat is a learning and business development platform that provides a framework to help teams organise themselves, manage their workload and reach their goals. It measures team and individual performance to make progress visible, provide insight and support feedback and recognition.

Partnership with Hull University

Savvygoat is partnering with Hull University Business School and has recently completed a pilot programme supporting the Starting a New Business module.

The Goats

Teams of students develop their business plans and pitch their propositions in a ‘Dragons' Den’ style event at the end of the second semester.

Savvygoat promotes collaboration, learning and time management in a competitive world, whilst providing specifically designed tasks and challenges to help students get their businesses off the ground.

The Herders

The course leaders get greater visibility of team and individual input and the opportunity to feedback and intervene to improve performance.

Savvygoat enhances motivation and reduces conflicts in the teams, increasing the quality and quantity of their work overall.

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Goats are required to attend team meetings regularly, and geolocation services check they do this in person.

They learn to distribute the workload appropriately and take responsibility for the on time delivery of their assigned tasks. They also learn that there are consequences to the team for task failure – they lose lives.

Herders can see who contributes to meetings and tasks and can assess the balance of effort. Overall there is a marked reduction in time wasted due to team conflict

Goats are challenged to reach the top of the mountain with the highest number of points.

They can maximise their score by producing high quality work to gain points awarded by the Herder and also by introducing additional tasks of their own, where relevance to their plan can be justified.

Herders see considerable additional effort applied by teams in a competitive environment, and a consequent increase in quality and quantity of work submitted.

Savvygoat Learning Fundamentals

We challenge individuals and teams to be more successful by learning about:


Each team leader will need to inspire their team and take final decisions on their behalf for elements such as determining the milestone delivery dates and assignment of tasks.

Every team member has the opportunity to lead several tasks and submit the team input, to the herder including a self-assessment of quality, effort and level of team collaboration.


Individuals learn the value of their own contribution from the points achieved for each task and the consequences of late delivery or missing meetings.

Ongoing assessment of tasks, in addition to providing feedback and rigour points for quality, help to measure performance and support potential interventions


Regular, structured face to face meetings that support team development and relationships are required, with individual attendance validated by geolocation checks.

Team communications are supported through the app’s messaging and feedback features.


Team scores are impacted and lives lost when mistakes, misjudgements and mistiming's occur.

The leader-board, team statistics and countdown timer to milestone deadlines create real pressure.


Optional tasks determined by the teams and team based ‘Challenges’ drive engaging activities - street interviews, market stalls etc.

The combination of team determined optional tasks, team based challenge activities and rigour point allocation, creates the means for teams to stand out and score highly.

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